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Ranku Overview Attract More Qualified Students

Boost Program Visibility and Gain Data Insights

Wiley Education Services’ Ranku platform is a streamlined online presence that connects colleges, universities, and university systems to prospective students, informs them about available programs, and analyzes their behavior and preferences to support even more connections.

The Ranku platform aggregates all of an institution’s programs into one searchable online location that’s aligned with the institutional brand and populated with content the school controls. Prospective students can find the programs and the information they’re looking for quickly and easily, clearing the path to request more information. An easy-to-digest analytics dashboard tailored to the higher education market provides insights into visitor behavior.

How It Works

The Ranku platform consists of three components that together:

  • Simplify and speed up the information-gathering process for prospective students.
  • Make it easy to upload, edit, and update content about institution(s) and programs.
  • Provide easy-to-understand data analytics that reveals insights on visitors’ behavior.

Learn more about each component:

  • Degree Marketplace—what potential students see when they search.
  • Editing Suite—where institution administrators and staff manage content for the Degree Marketplace.
  • Analytics Dashboard—where administrators and staff can view metrics for the Degree Marketplace.

Get in the Market Quickly

The platform’s streamlined design makes it fast and easy to get up and running. The interface is easy to navigate for users on both the front end (potential students) and the back end (administrators and staff)—no extensive training or expertise is needed. Once Wiley sets up an institution’s version of the platform (complete with a unique URL), content can be added immediately.

For Prospects: One Quick Stop

People researching higher education programs online average 15 searches prior to requesting information about a program.*

For prospective students, the Degree Marketplace offers a convenient, one-stop location to learn about all available programs in all modalities (online, on campus, or hybrid), even when they are spread across different schools, departments, or universities in a system. Instead of forcing the student to conduct individual searches and navigate several websites, the Ranku platform enables them to easily find all the information they need to make a decision.

Wiley’s Ranku platform connects potential students with the program they are looking for quickly–within three clicks. They can use the search bar, by school (where relevant), by field of study, by field and degree level, and by degree level. This choice of options allows them to search according to their personal preferences and needs, making the search process even more convenient.

For Institutions: A User-Friendly Interface

The platform’s back-end interface consists of the Editing Suite and the Analytics Dashboard. Both are easy to learn and navigate.

  • With the Editing Suite’s streamlined process for posting and editing content, it’s easy to update and add information as needed. SEO is built into the system, increasing the visibility of an institution or system and programs during a search.
  • The Analytics Dashboard collects and presents real time data on visitors’ behavior on the Degree Marketplace in an easy-to-read graphic format. Specialized for higher education, the dashboard offers data insights that can highlight not only where schools might need to tweak their messaging but also can point to additional programs, specializations, or modalities potential students are looking for.

Increase Engagement and Meet Market Demand

The platform’s proven Degree Marketplace layout empowers prospective students to learn more about an institution’s programs and identify the one that’s right for them quickly. Schools control all of the content on the site, while it gathers real-time data on visitor behavior that they can use to learn more about market needs and gaps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this platform only for online programs?


No—it can also feature programs offered on campus as well as those offered in a hybrid modality.

Q: Can this platform be used across multiple schools at one institution?


Yes—in fact, that is the intent. By aggregating programs that may be spread across multiple schools, or even multiple institutions within a system, the Ranku platform eliminates the need for potential students to search through multiple websites, making it easier and faster for them to find the information they’re looking for. By speeding up and simplifying the search process while also offering relevant information, Ranku makes it more likely that potential students will inquire about a program.

Q: How will prospective students know what institution they are inquiring about?


The name of the institution will be featured in the Degree Marketplace URL as well as on the program pages. Institutions can also add their logo to the intro page and the program pages.

Q: What components do prospective students see?


Potential students only see the Degree Marketplace. Only administrators and staff see and have access to the Editing Suite and Analytics Dashboard.

Q: Why are there so many ways for prospective students to search the Degree Marketplace?


This feature is based on studies of the online behavior of individuals researching higher education. Research shows that users who get frustrated during the search process tend to move on to other schools.* More ways to search helps ensure that they can find what they are looking for quickly and easily.

Read more about the three components of Wiley’s Ranku platform:

*Google The Higher Education Research Journey (Sources: Compete Custom Education Study, 2013; Google | Nielsen Custom Mobile Research Study, 2013; Google Consumer Surveys, 2015)

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