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Program Design and Development

We provide the expertise and support you need to enhance existing, or create new, online learning experiences.

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Create Transformative Learning Experiences

We know what works. We have decades of experience in the development of outcomes-focused online learning experiences. Our Academic Services team, complete with instructional designers, will partner with you to create programs which facilitate meaningful engagement between your faculty and your students, helping them find their route to success.

Our team will partner with you to create:

  • Distinctive learning experiences for your learners

    Your new programs will align with your mission, values, and approach to pedagogy. We tailor our support to build programs that reflect and serve the specific needs of your learners, your faculty, and your university.

  • Outcome-oriented programs geared for future success

    To succeed, your programs must be carefully designed to balance rigor and flexibility. We work to understand your learners’ backgrounds and how they plan to use their degree. What’s more, continuous monitoring of student performance helps us refine courses to boost accessibility and learning outcomes.

  • Highly engaging content to inspire interest

    There’s a lot of choice out there. We help your programs—and your school—stand out. We do this through engagement between students, their peers, and instructors, alongside unique and inspiring learning experiences.


We have a strong track record in this area, too. Of the faculty members who have worked with our Academic Services team:


are confident in course quality


would gladly work with us again


Inspire Engagement Through Active Learning

We will always be by your side. Our instructional designers will work with you to create programs that inspire learning. Active learning is the key theme in our approach to course design.

We use the Community of Inquiry pedagogical framework, which is driven by research and data. It empowers learners by building courses based on three essential pillars:

  • Social presence

    Successful courses inspire teamwork, discourse, and camaraderie. Social presence means we empower learners to work together, using peer-to-peer learning. This encourages adult learners to thrive in online classrooms, by building on their work experience in an educational setting.

  • Cognitive presence

    We help students apply critical thinking and problem solving to thrive in rigorous courses. Our methods are flexible too, allowing instructors to shape their own lessons by selecting the textbooks and learning materials tied to the curriculum.

  • Teaching presence

    Engagement between learners and their instructors is essential for success. Not only do we seek instructor input when creating courses, we also design them so that learners can provide feedback on tasks and assignments. This lays the groundwork for interactive activities and constructive assessments.

Holistic Program Development Means Better Learning Outcomes

What does learner success look like to you? The learning experiences we create will reflect that vision. Our holistic approach to program development is driven by our program planning process. We’ll work together, mapping your goals and creating courses to achieve them.

We will focus on:

  • High-quality instruction for consistency and skill development

    We use our own tried and tested pedagogy best practices for consistent program-wide quality. We can help you measure performance and further develop your faculty’s online teaching skills.

  • Progressive and accessible programs

    From the first day of class to graduation, we’ll work together to build programs with seamless course progression. We use student feedback to boost performance. Accessibility for online learners will always be a priority too.

  • Strategic content and carefully selected technology

    We strategically structure content around the needs of today’s learners, and we will work with your team to identify media options to enhance the learning experience. Our academic services team can work within your preferred learning management system (LMS). We also offer our own LMS “Engage,” which provides agile access to programs and gathers learner feedback as a built-in feature.

How Do Your Programs Compare to Others?

How do your programs compare to the competition, and where do your biggest opportunities lie?

To find out, complete our short market assessment form. We’ll schedule a call to walk you through a detailed analysis of where your university sits in the market, and what solutions can help you be competitive, and reach your goals.


What Do Learners Think?

So far, so good.

The Student Perspectives on Online Programs report found that 88 percent of the learners were satisfied with the programs we support.

Download your copy to find out more, and gain recommendations for creating quality learning experiences.


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