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Why Partner? Reasons To Partner

A Higher Education Partnership Built on Understanding

Successful partnership comes through understanding each other’s needs. In addition to offering a choice of services and solutions to meet those needs, Wiley Education Services prides itself on its ability to collaborate with its partners to achieve optimal results.

Not only do we have a deep understanding of the higher education sector, we also appreciate the challenges universities face in staying competitive and delivering compelling learning experiences, while increasing enrollment and managing costs.

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Our faculty work closely with instructional designers to design courses that are innovative that are engaging – my Wiley team is awesome. Wiley has a strong organizational culture that bleeds into the relationship with their university counterparts. I think what Wiley gives you is, first off, excellent program management, excellent instructional designers, and then on top of that, the marketing support and then the student support center itself. They offer you the complete package. We include them in our team, so I think viewing each other as actual partners and not just as client and service makes it a much better working relationship.

Partners in Education

At Wiley, we offer so much more than online program support. Looking holistically at the institution and their vision, we work with our partners to find innovative, data-driven solutions across the entire student lifecycle, whether on campus, online, or both. We offer our partners:

Customizable Solutions

No two partnerships are the same. That is why we work closely with our partners to create the right combination of services and technologies, paired with flexible business models and tailored to meet the partner’s needs, regardless of modality. We call this Solutions Architecture™ – a flexible, institution-wide approach that provides our partners with the unparalleled scope and versatility they need to achieve their objectives and vision for the future.

Leadership, Experience, and Expertise

Our leadership team has extensive experience in the higher education sector, giving us insight into how universities operate and the different challenges they face day-to-day. Our team is dedicated to identifying new opportunities for our partners, whether that’s uncovering new student audiences, enhancing programs, or improving institutional efficiencies. We invest in our people to preserve this valuable expertise, provide consistency, and deliver an exceptional level of support to our partners.

Strategic Program Planning

We collaborate with our partners and take an innovative approach to program planning and development called Strategic Portfolio Development™. Together, we identify scalable anchor programs and use them to build unique, market-relevant interdisciplinary degree programs, specializations, and certificates that appeal to different student markets. This approach enables institutions to strategically utilize current courses and efficiently develop new programs that address market gaps while expanding their offerings.

Student-Focused Analytics

Understanding student needs is key to increasing engagement and elevating learning experiences. By leveraging a revolutionary predictive Behavioral Analytics platform, we collect and analyze student interaction data to inform our understanding of student needs and preferences. This allows us to customize and improve student experiences, thereby increasing enrollment and retention rates.

New Market Opportunities

With a strong presence on five continents, we are uniquely positioned to provide access to new markets and a pool of potential students. Our global connections extend to university networks, associations, societies, industries, corporations, and foundations.

By attracting new students and utilizing the latest educational technology we can help our partners respond to the evolving needs of institutions, students, and employers, helping to ensure their long-term success.

There’s a continuing theme of mutual interest and mutual goals.

—Susan Cheng, Benedictine University, USA

That partnership, those relationships, are the key to our success…It’s about a personal relationship. It’s about developing a network of people who you know, who you can pick up the phone and call

—Polly Smith, Utica College, USA

I think the partnership has been such that we bounce ideas off each other and then grab onto an idea that we feel is going to succeed…generating the enrollment numbers that we need.

—Steven Szydlowski, University of Scranton, USA

Having a partner like Wiley provide services and the instructural design that we need really made us develop that program a lot faster.

—Susan Cheng, Benedictine University, USA

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