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The world is changing, fast. Education empowers learners to go the distance, in their careers and lives. Partner with us to help your learners thrive throughout—and beyond—their education.

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The Smart Route to Success

Technology is changing how people live and work. These changes mean more opportunities for you to help your learners achieve their goals. By partnering with us, we will help you select the right combination of agile services and solutions that will support your long-term success.

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Our sophisticated market research and analytics will help you find the smart route to your success. We’ll then identify innovative and flexible solutions to get you there. Our partnership models are designed to fit around your needs, whether online, on campus, or hybrid.

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Defining Winning Strategies

We will help you grow enrollment, reach new markets, and gain momentum, through our:

  • Expertise

    With 210 years of heritage, including 20 years creating world-class online education solutions, nobody can compete with our unrivaled level of expertise. We have transformed the lives of over 140,000 people, all over the world.

  • Solutions

    Our wide range of world-class solutions and services are tailored for your success, spanning the entire learner journey from university degrees to short courses and training. Everything we offer is tested, trusted, and proven, and our expert team will always be by your side.

  • Innovation

    We are powered by innovation: new technologies, market research, and behavioral insights. Data drives everything we do. We dig into the data to spot trends and opportunities, make data-informed decisions, and develop impactful solutions to match.

Strategy Meets Innovation

We are as creative as we are strategic. Our commitment to innovation will give you a competitive edge, and a smart route to success.

We design our innovative solutions using:

  • Automation for real-time responses

    AI-enhanced messaging platforms, responding in real time, will connect and engage with your learners quickly, providing meaningful responses that meet their needs.

  • Behavioral analytics for anticipating need

    Our recruitment and retention teams can anticipate learner needs using behavioral analytics, and provide the necessary support to meet them.

  • Proven strategies for compelling marketing

    We ask questions, we get answers, we supply solutions, and we test them—again and again. We develop creative marketing strategies and content that keeps on going the distance, even as destinations change.

  • Global network connection

    As our partner, you will be connected to our worldwide network of higher ed and business communities that will help you expand your reach.

“Collaboration is the driving force of our relationship. It’s laying the groundwork for growth that we didn’t know was possible before we began working with Wiley. We can’t wait to see where the partnership leads us next.”
- Dr Jan Miller, University of West Alabama

Tailored to You

Our world-class end-to-end solutions and services are designed to meet your needs. We will:

  • Align your program portfolio to market needs

    Our sophisticated market research and program design approach will help you develop an academic portfolio that aligns with the skills learners need to be successful.

  • Improve your access to learners

    What we do covers the entire learner journey. We provide the solutions you need to reach your marketing, recruitment, enrollment, and retention goals.

  • Develop outcomes-focused learning experiences

    Our course and program development and design offer the flexibility, quality, and support that your faculty and your learners need.

  • Provide support that grows with you

    Do you need focused support for a defined project? Or do you need the people, infrastructure, and technology to boost what you offer university-wide? Your needs define what we offer you.

Our Higher Ed Partnership Models

Higher ed economics are evolving, particularly in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. We now have the opportunity to reinvent the student experience moving forwards.

Online learning can be so much more than a contingency plan. By incorporating either fully online, or blended experiences into your on-campus offerings, you can design learning experiences that prioritize accessibility, flexibility, outcomes, and, ultimately, employment for learners.

With over 20 years experience in online education, we recognize that each university is different and needs different support. Whatever unique challenges you face, our tailored partnership models will allow you to adapt to changing learner expectations, budgets, and world situations.

Online Program Management (OPM)

By your side, every step of the way, OPM is a long-term, strategic support relationship for creating, launching, and enhancing online programs, along with other projects. It provides most of the capital, infrastructure, and technology you need. It also offers a higher level of strategy and insight compared to our “Fee-for-Service” models.

OPM: what you need to know

Typical Partnership Length

5–10 years

Primary Source of Funding and Technology


Common Focus

Launch and support online programs

Fee-for-Service (FFS)

This is targeted support for individual or defined projects, such as specific market research or moving an on-campus course online. It works best if you already have the infrastructure, capital, and resources to begin a project. We will execute it, and sustain it, for a pre-determined fee.

Fee-for-Service: what you need to know

Typical Partnership Length

Variable, but often less than one year

Primary Source of Funding and Technology


Common Focus

Market research, marketing, or enhancement of a program

What opportunities exist for your university, and which partner model will suit it? Let’s talk to find out.
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