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Student Recruitment and Enrollment

Student recruitment can be complex and overwhelming. Our support is tailored and automated, making it seamless for both you and your learners. This is how we grow your enrollment, both on-campus and online, in the most effective way possible.

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Tailored Student Recruitment Methods

With more and more learners seeking out their own routes to college and university programs, admissions staff need new ways to engage with them.

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We support your recruitment strategy using advanced analytics and AI-enabled platforms, offering real-time guidance that prospective students find empowering, not intrusive. Our recruitment team is also on hand to answer prospective students’ questions, and provide guidance during the application process.

Thoughtful automation and one-on-one engagement come together to help your institution find learners who are qualified, committed, and ready to succeed.

Seamless omnichannel recruitment

Our user-friendly, multi-channel platform provides a consistent communication experience for prospective students, however they choose to engage. It also gives learners 24/7 access to everything they need to know about your undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as someone to talk to if they need it.

We will use our platform to:

  • Improve consistency across the board

    From the research phase through to enrollment, the learners’ experience will be seamless and supported.

  • Engage learners on their terms

    Learners can connect with us at any time though click-to-chat, text messages, and social platforms. Whatever they prefer.

  • Deliver accurate and useful information

    We use AI to give accurate real-time information to learners, from research to application, and beyond.

“Personal contact is key to the team’s success. Many universities simply send automated enrollment emails to leads, but students need much more support than that.”
- Julie Delich, Wiley Education Services

Application-boosting behavioral analytics

We use our proprietary Behavioral Analytics platform to gain insights, allowing us to anticipate learners’ needs, even as they change. That is how we can continuously improve the enrollment experience for everyone involved. It works through:

  • Call recording and analysis

    We consensually listen closely to how learners speak, to gain insights about their unique decision-making processes.

  • Behavioral modeling

    We use insights captured from market research, to personalize each recruitment experience according to personality type and preferences.

  • Coaching for connection and encouragement

    We use intelligent behavioral analytics, to help our advisors form deeper connections with learners.

The Behavioral Analytics platform in numbers

35% to 40% increase in conversions (after implementation) 4 million conversations recorded and analyzed 18% improvement in the contact-to-application rate

Accelerate Student Enrollment

We provide the personnel, the infrastructure, and the strategy to support every step of your learners’ enrollment journey. Our specialists streamline the application process and keep your learners engaged, excited, and prepared for their first day of class, and beyond. We collect the necessary documents from the learners too, removing one of the most common barriers in the application process. All of this means you can focus on evaluating applications and accepting the right learners for your institution. We will:

  • Process transcripts to speed up the application process

    Our admissions team can order transcripts for learners. We can also create strategies for achieving enrollment goals for both domestic and international populations.

  • Help students access financial aid

    We help learners overcome financial barriers. These empowering solutions are designed to help them understand the financial aid process, as well as the long-term value of education. All of this will give them the confidence they need to reach their goals and go beyond them.

  • Create a self-directed experience

    We offer a smart digital admissions system, combining automation with personal guidance, for a smooth enrollment experience.

How Do Your Enrollment Numbers Compare?

How do your university’s numbers compare to your competition, and where do your biggest enrollment opportunities lie? To find out, complete our short market assessment form. We’ll schedule a call to walk you through a detailed analysis of where your university compares to others, from enrollments through to conferrals.

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