Powering Higher Education: Partnership Transparency and Outcomes Report 2021

Explore who we are, who we serve, and the impact we make

Transparency is important, especially in the complex world of higher education. That’s why we’re sharing how we support our partners and students – plus the results of these strategies and solutions – in our newest report. Powering Higher Education: Partnership Transparency and Outcomes 2021 offers insights and data to show you what we’ve helped universities and learners achieve by making education more accessible, affordable, and impactful.

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There are a lot of things universities were just simply never designed to do — digitally market their programs, manage their 24/7 technical support shops, innovate with the latest behavioral analytics to sense when a student is stressed. We teach, we research, we administer. [A] lot of what Wiley is able to do is not part of our core capabilities, and thank goodness we’ve figured that out!

Marc Austin, Executive Director of Academic Innovation & New Ventures, George Mason University

What you’ll find in this report:

  • An overview of our performance metrics
  • Partner and learner experiences
  • An explanation of policies, partnership, and support models
  • The affordability and caliber of our university partners

Powering Higher Education Report 2021

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