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Our Services and Solutions Marketing, Support, and Development

Higher Education Services With Impact

Wiley Education Services captures and analyzes critical data to support smarter decisions, enabling our partners to achieve more through our advanced analytics and processes. Our people, suite of services, and technology solutions help inform strategies to achieve greater success at each phase of the student journey.

We work with our partners to customize the right combination of people, processes, and technologies to best meet their unique objectives, enhancing the partner’s ability to attract, support, and retain students, while optimizing their existing resources: we call this our Solutions Architecture™ approach.

Our services cover higher education marketing, market research, student recruitment and retention support, learning services, and technology solutions:

Market Strategy and Program Planning

Using both primary and secondary data sources, we conduct extensive research to identify demand, market opportunities, and potential challenges in order to design or adapt programs to respond to current demand. This is key to determining the viability of an educational program in the online market.
Our higher education market strategy and research services include:

  • Assessment of market opportunities for existing and new programs
  • Market analysis to stay ahead of educational and marketplace trends
  • Program selection and design strategies focused on insights and trends
  • Custom curriculum evaluations to help better meet student needs

Marketing and Brand Management

We develop marketing and audience insights to inform integrated, targeted, multi-channel marketing plans for each degree program. Connecting the right students with the right messages, at the right time and place, helps us engage with and enroll potential candidates from around the world. Furthermore, we become brand champions for our partner’s institution by developing insights into their unique market position and highlighting the value of their specific programs in the most impactful manner.
Our higher education marketing solutions Include:

  • A team of passionate professionals with a breadth of marketing skills
  • Sophisticated lead tracking and analytics platform
  • A network of web domains and properties
  • Access to corporate relationships
  • Established media channels

Student Recruitment and Support

Each institution has a team of program recruitment managers with the goal of managing prospective student inquiries and identifying and enrolling the right students for each institution. The engagement and advanced analytical techniques we use ensure that each candidate who applies is sufficiency qualified, comprehends the learning commitment, and is dedicated to successfully completing the program.

Enrollment Strategies and Management

Our student enrollment team provides a full service, end-to-end application process for prospective students. The team works with applicants to secure the necessary documentation required for acceptance into the programs. This support allows our partner institution to make the final acceptance decisions more efficiently.

Student Retention Services

Our dedicated student retention team provides a breadth of retention services to proactively support learners throughout their journey. Coupled with resources, guidance, and personal assistance, these services are designed to support students’ persistence by furthering successful learning outcomes.

Our personalized student support spans the student journey from program inquiry to graduation, and keeps students connected with their institution through services including:

  • 24/7 Personal Support Center for technical assistance
  • Student success activities such as course participation monitoring and student orientations
  • Dedicated Student Service Coordinator acting as a liaison between student and institution

We also utilize a proprietary Behavior Analytics platform in our higher education services to build a profile of each student, so we can optimize their support and learning experiences on an individual basis.

Program Design and Development

We work with our partner institutions to translate programs into on campus, online, or hybrid format, combining our collective expertise to create engaging and transformational learning experiences. We deem that a program is successful if it is:
  • Distinctive – Programs should reflect the unique culture of the institution, faculty, and student community to stand out from the competition
  • Outcomes-driven – Students should complete a program with the knowledge and confidence they need to achieve their career goals
  • Engaging – Programs and courses should be able to hold the attention of students through compelling content, peer engagement, and passionate teaching methods

Faculty Support and Training

We provide the facilities and technical training to ensure faculty members are prepared, confident, and empowered to teach, without being impeded by administrative tasks. We are passionate about helping faculty achieve their vision. By giving them the right training and support we can help them create stronger, more effective learning experiences for their students.

24×7 Help Desk

Our specialized Wiley team provides 24/7/365 help desk services through a Personal Support Center (PSC) to help our partners’ students, faculty, and staff. As well as responding to technical inquiries, the PSC can also direct students to resources for information on everything from financial aid and student services to library assistance and learning management systems.

Wiley Faculty Fellows

The Faculty Fellows initiative was established to bring together a community of like-minded faculty members from institutions around the world to share ideas on the latest teaching and learning methods. Outcomes of this initiative include:
  • Deeper insights into trends in online teaching
  • Opportunities to enhance faculty support
  • Continued innovation between our partners
  • Collaboration on white papers and published research

Find out more about our Faculty Fellows.

Technology Solutions

Technology underpins everything we do, and helps support the strategies of our partners. We use a range of proprietary and non-proprietary technical solutions to help drive student enrollment, engagement, and retention.

Learn more about our Technology Solutions.

They check in on the students to make sure that they’re having a good experience from day one. They make sure that there is a relationship there that goes beyond the academic piece. For most students, especially online students, that’s critical.

Polly Smith, Utica College, USA

When it comes to student support services they provide a more 24/7 high-touch service than we could offer in-house.

Susan Cheng, Benedictine University, USA

I had an amazing experience collaborating with my instructional designer at Wiley. He absolutely has pushed me to be a better instructor.

Kim Weller, Queens University of Charlotte, USA

The instructional designers have been absolutely amazing…[Wiley] has been extremely helpful and very, very patient with us.

Catherine Staite, University of Birmingham, UK

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