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We work with you, our higher ed partners, to create powerful educational experiences. With our comprehensive solutions, you will empower your learners to reach their destinations in their educations, careers, and beyond.

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Finding Better Routes to New Learners

We provide world-class products and services across the entire learner journey. With us, you will find the insights, resources, and technology you need to help your learners cross the finish line.

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The world, and education, is in a constant state of flux. This can present challenges, but it can also create opportunities. Guided by market-aligned analytics, we will pinpoint emerging markets, design engaging programs and courses that align with learning outcomes, and reach more learners.

We will be by your side, every step of the way, providing the support you and your learners need to achieve success.

Our University Services


Market strategy and program planning to identify opportunities

Our market research will help you identify enrollment opportunities. We also make roadmaps for programs and courses to fill skills gaps and employer needs.


Brand management and marketing to increase visibility

We define your brand and increase your visibility in the marketplace through targeted marketing with global reach.


Innovative approaches to recruitment and enrollment

Through a combination of smart automation and hands-on recruitment services, we will reach the students interested in the programs you offer. Our services will also streamline and accelerate the admissions process, from first contact to enrollment.


Proactive retention methods to keep students on track

Our retention services, which includes proactive coaching, are specifically designed to meet the needs of online learners. This means they are more likely to finish their course, graduate, and even continue with other courses.


Perceptive clinical placement services

We provide flexible and tailored clinical placement support. Our network of preceptors, site supervisors, and support staff across the country, is ready to work directly with both your learners and faculty to achieve successful placements.


Outcome-focused program design and development

We design programs and courses around the needs of learners, focused on successful learning outcomes. Our instructional designers will be by your side, helping you create dynamic and engaging programs.

What Makes Us Different

We have over 210 years of heritage, including 20 years creating world-class online education solutions. This, combined with our proven solutions and dynamic approach, means nobody can compete with our level of expertise.

  • Expertise

    We have transformed the lives of over 120,000 people worldwide, and we’re only getting started.

  • Solutions

    We have a wide range of agile solutions and services. They span the entire learner journey, from university degrees to short courses and training.

  • Innovation

    We are powered by innovation. New technologies, market research, and behavioral insights will help you cross the finish line today, and go beyond it.

Where Do Your Opportunities Lie?

How does your university compare to the competition, and where do your biggest opportunities lie?

To find out, complete our short market assessment form. We’ll schedule a call to walk you through a detailed analysis of where your university sits in the market, and what solutions can help you be competitive, and reach your goals.

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