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Market Strategy and Program Planning

Our dynamic and sophisticated market research approach means we can intelligently design programs that respond to needs of your market and give you the edge on your competition.

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Smart Route Planning Using Data and Insights

We ask questions, we get answers, we provide solutions.

Through world-class market research, we find insights from education and labor data to identify market opportunities for your university. Then, we use those insights to enhance your courses, evaluate new programs, and sync up your portfolio with what learners need.

How We Start Each Journey

When a partnership begins, we will kick things off by talking about industry insights and trends, and what they could mean to your university. This includes examining what motivates learners to choose one program over another, and how that program can be effective, whether it’s delivered online, on campus, or hybrid.

Data and insights are how we will:

  • Know your competition and your edge

    Our research will give you the big-picture view of higher ed, and let us explore specific sectors to identify programs that meet learner demand.

  • Forecast changing labor trends to identify gaps

    What employers are looking for is what learners are looking for. We continually examine labor markets to monitor which are emerging and expanding and identify programs that match in-demand skills.

  • Identify the best opportunities for new programs

    Through gap analysis, we will find the industries and sectors being overlooked by higher ed. This allows us to explore degrees that will get you closer to achieving your goals, while giving learners the best possible chance at success.

Programmatic Analysis for Market Alignment

What makes a program successful? The answer lies in analysis and teamwork.

We will work with you closely, to map out how your objectives and market opportunities can align. What we find will define our unique Strategic Portfolio Development™ approach, which we will follow to create programs designed for maximum impact.

Our market research will help us:

  • Analyze marketplaces to identify what learners want

    Analyzing enrollment data, both nationally and locally, helps us understand what learners want. This tells us whether to design specific programs for on-campus or distance-learning students, for example. It also helps us define our plans to create awareness and grow enrollment.

  • Discover employer indicators

    Using future-facing labor trends from real-time job listings, market intelligence, and Google search activity for college degrees, we will anticipate what employers will be looking for, when designing your programs.

  • Get ahead of the competition

    We will research the competition before you enter a market, so you will know how your programs are likely to compare. This analysis includes an examination of what attracts learners to you, as well as a review of IPEDS and Google search data, to find out how learners’ needs aren’t being met elsewhere.

Market Research: By the Numbers

We do the research and analysis into the subjects that will have the strongest impact on both universities and their learners.


research projects are completed per year, on average


of projects are conducted on behalf of current partners


learners are surveyed per year to learn about their behavior and preferences

Improving Support Through Thought Leadership

We lead market research studies on the topics that matter to educators like you. Check out our free resources to find out what we have learned along the way.

We use these insights to refine our support. This means your research capabilities will go even further when you team up with us.

Through this data-driven approach, we can:

  • Align your marketing to changing behaviors

    Our annual Online College Students study helps us match our strategies to what learners will want to see.

  • Make an impact on the workforce

    Through our Closing the Skills Gap study, we are discovering what matters most to employers.

  • Enhance and elevate the learning experience

    Through our Student Perspectives on Online Programs study, we have identified the value of nurturing a consistent and engaging online student experience.

What Are the Best Programs and Degrees for You to Offer Online?

The answer to this question varies, and depends on your existing portfolio.

We will work with you, and with what you’ve already accomplished, to identify how you can best meet learners’ needs, and achieve your goals. This will include finding out which programs, both existing and prospective, will work well online, on campus, or in combined formats.

Where Do Your Opportunities Lie?

How does your university compare to the competition, and where do your biggest opportunities lie?

To find out, complete our short market assessment form. We’ll schedule a call to walk you through a detailed analysis of where your university sits in the market, and what solutions can help you be competitive, and reach your goals.

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