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Finding and recruiting people to join you on your journey is one thing, but keeping them is another. Wiley Beyond helps companies boost workforce retention and measure ROI from their talent development programs.

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Tuition Assistance as a Strategic Advantage

A high retention rate is about far more than saving time and avoiding disruption. It’s a strategic advantage which can be achieved through tuition—a smart route to success.

Only one-third of Americans feel committed to their current jobs. Offering professional development through engaging educational programs makes a difference to both learners and employers, and it encourages them to keep traveling together.

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This where Wiley Beyond comes in. Not only will it enhance your company’s talent and retention strategy, it also offers tailored solutions to bring your tuition assistance program up to speed.

This means you will be able to turn employee learning into new opportunities, keeping them engaged, focused, and by your side for the full journey.

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Practical Employee Benefits

Wiley Beyond comes complete with unique employee rewards, from our Employee Benefits Program. It provides access to degree training programs and connects them with advisors and coaches who will keep them on track as they make the journey towards graduation, and beyond it.

It comes complete with world-class tools and resources for your team members, including:

  • Smart route planning

    When exploring their options through the platform, team members can create their own tailored education plan that meets their specific goals. It will even compare different school programs, including the time to graduation.

  • Degree calculator

    This tool compares different program costs and durations. This means your team members can make the best choices for their schedule, career goals, and budget.

  • Partner network connections

    Our education partner network brings exclusive benefits for your employees. From not-for-profit universities to private colleges, they offer a spectrum of undergraduate and graduate degrees, as well as certificate programs.

  • Degree accelerator

    This adaptive and versatile tool means your employees can find a streamlined degree path at a lower cost, and often with less time to graduation too.

  • Work that counts

    On-the-job training can count as academic credit. This will give your people a head start in gaining experience during their education and training.

  • Support and encouragement

    We provide a concierge-type service with employee training. We also help your team members with their applications and provide motivational coaching to help them stay on track through to graduation. They can also get tools and tips to minimize the costs of their tuition, books, and program fees.

We empower your people by leading them through both their academic and professional lives, keeping them engaged in both their studies and their work.

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Wiley Beyond will:


Attract career-focused talent to your business

Wiley Beyond motivates your people, makes you a desirable business to work with, and attracts talent—using both in-person and online methods—with the skills you need to cross the finish line, and go beyond.


Boost your retention rates

By creating learning opportunities and increasing job prospects and pay grades, you will nurture team loyalty, and gain a strategic advantage over your competition because of it.


Go the extra distance for you

We streamline the entire tuition assistance management process, ticking all of the administrative boxes as we go. Wiley Beyond coordinates documentation, manages university partnerships, allocates funds, and answers employee questions about the platform. It also provides a strategic, versatile, and stress-free platform for your human resources team.


Give you a measurable ROI

This is a flexible and adaptable approach. We give you the tools to measure and report on platform performance, and work with you to set your benchmarks. We will then collaborate to optimize your strategy, to deliver a fast and lasting ROI.

A Self-Driven Journey

Our hands-on support eases your admin burden, while guiding both you and your people to success. Our unique and agile self-service portals come complete with benefits too.

  • The employee portal

    Built exclusively for team member access, this portal aligns with your company’s brand, reinforcing the value your organization plays in helping them advance their education and reach their goals. You will review and approve credentials before we add them, which means you can be sure that all learning opportunities align with your goals.

  • The employer portal

    Using world-class analytics for training performance, tuition reimbursements, and ROI metrics, the Wiley Beyond team will oversee every aspect of your employer platform. This way, we can make sure it’s working for you, and make any changes necessary to ensure you’re getting the best results.

Contact us today to find out more about how the Wiley Beyond platform can support your team’s learning goals.

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