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Flexible Institutional Business Models

Partnership Models Designed to Fit Your Institution’s Needs

Higher education’s traditional economic models are changing. Many colleges and universities feel pressure to evolve, continuously innovate, and deliver compelling learning experiences – all while balancing costs, maintaining quality, and ensuring sustainability.

To effectively identify, execute and maintain new initiatives and strategies, many institutions have turned to Wiley Education Services as a strategic partner for customized guidance and support. Through decades of industry experience, we understand that every institution possesses a unique mission and combination of needs, resources, and expertise. As a result, we offer partnership models to help institutions achieve their goals, ranging from larger, institution-wide strategic initiatives to short-term, project-based efforts. Our Solutions Architecture™ approach is designed to help our partners address today’s higher education needs on a global scale – whether on campus, online, or hybrid.

We collaborate with each of our partner institutions to architect a business model based on an institution’s individual needs and objectives, we offer the flexibility to choose from these customized partnership models:


The Fee-for-Service business model allows institutions to leverage all of Wiley’s services and solutions for targeted support of a specific project. Wiley provides the partner institution with the necessary technology and services to complete an initiative with a detailed scope of work, such as increasing a program’s enrollments, or building additional programs.

Fee-for-Service is ideal for institutions who already possess the high level of infrastructure, capital, and resources needed to independently execute and sustain their programmatic goals.

Tuition Revenue Share

Historically associated with Online Program Management relationships, Tuition Revenue Share is a longer-term, often institution-wide, partnership model that requires limited upfront investment from the institution to execute and sustain an initiative. In this model, there is very low financial cost and risk to the partner institution because Wiley would provide the majority of investment capital.

Tuition Share may include the full suite of student lifecycle services that Wiley offers, or it can be arranged into Solutions Stacks™ to address more discrete challenges such as enrollment management or marketing. This model is ideal for institutions who either have limited infrastructure, capital, and capacity, or simply want to outsource non-core, operational functions of their institution.

Our Approach to Partnership

Our goal is to help our partners achieve success in an increasingly competitive and dynamic market through a collaborative partnership. Our Solutions Architecture approach, which includes combinations of our services, technologies, research, content, and financial models, ensures that each individual partnership reflects the unique institutional mission and is propelled forward. Learn more about our approach here.

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