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Ranku: How It Works Editing Suite

Upload and Update Content Fast—No Technical Expertise Required

The Editing Suite is where you enter and edit the content that appears on the student-facing Degree Marketplace. This component of the platform is a back-end content management system for users at your institution or system only—prospective students do not see it.

Those interacting with the Editing Suite are not required to know how to code; there is no need to navigate through confusing menu options, or choose from hundreds of slightly different design and layout options. The Editing Suite provides a simple interface that uses check boxes, drop-downs, basic yes/no questions, text fields for copying and pasting content, and drag-and-drop image uploading. You do not need to worry about layout, fonts, character spacing, logo placements, etc.—these elements are already part of the template.

When you have entered the information, you save it and can either preview it or publish it immediately. Changing content is easy, so even if you see an error after publishing, you can fix it and re-publish it right away. After publishing, content goes live within 10 to 15 seconds.

Editable program fields include:

  • Program Overview—A high-level, brief description of the program
  • Program Description—A longer, in-depth description
  • Admission Requirements—GPA, previous degrees or coursework, test scores, etc.
  • State Restrictions—Some programs may not be available to students in certain states
  • Application Information—How to apply, application fee, description of the application process
  • Tuition & Fees—Cost per credit hour and additional required fees
  • Courses—A list and/or descriptions of the individual classes in the program
  • Professors—Names and/or biographical information about faculty members

You do not need to enter content for every field–the pages will adjust based on content inputs. However, the more information provided, the higher the SEO value. The general school information will remain the same for each program.

Set Permissions for Access

You can set access to different programs in the Editing Suite so that only certain employees can edit specific areas of content. This helps ensure that only approved users on your end can upload or change content. We can work with you to identify and set up levels of access.

Get Your Degree Marketplace Online Fast

The ease of the Editing Suite helps get your online presence up and running quickly. You can adapt content from your existing sites or write completely new copy—it’s up to you. Either way, having complete control over the uploading and updating process means that your copy is always up-to-date and aligned with your brand guidelines and messaging.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is coding knowledge required to format text in the Editing Suite?


No—users from the institution can literally copy and paste text from a Microsoft Word document or a document from any similar word processing program. To upload images, simply drag and drop the image file into an image field or click to upload it.

Q: How do we prevent users on our end from accidentally changing the content for the wrong program?


Schools can set permissions with each user’s login credentials so that they can only access the programs or areas of the site that they are authorized to update. For example, an authorized user for a college’s MBA program would not be able to edit content for the college’s MA in Education or basic information about the institution.

Q: Who provides the content for the Degree Marketplace?


The institution does. They can repurpose existing content about their programs or provide completely new content. Either way, schools have complete control over it, from initial upload to regular updates.

Q: How long does it take for content to be published?


After users hit the “publish” button, it only takes about 10 to 15 seconds for content to be uploaded or changed.

Q: Can we choose a different design?


The simplicity of Ranku’s design is the foundation of its proven success. Color palettes and certain page attributes are customizable so colleges and universities can match them to their brand standards, but the overall design is set.

Q: Can we add new fields to the content options?


Right now, institutions can only add content to the fields in the template. Wiley has determined that this information is the most relevant and useful for prospective students, and so it is a major driver in converting traffic to leads. However, schools do not have to use all of the content fields—the template will adapt and will not show empty spaces or areas.

Learn more about the other components of the Ranku platform:

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