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Impactful Learning Experiences for Online and Virtual Learners

Navigate Today’s Challenges and Empower More Students

If you are uncertain about the best way to deliver quality learning experiences this fall, you aren’t alone. Universities throughout the country are considering solutions for how to best educate students while determining when it will be safe to reopen their campuses. Due to this, nearly 60 percent of schools may only offer courses online this fall, according to the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers. And 73 percent of schools may further expand their online or virtual learning options.

If your university is exploring offering high-quality online learning experiences, Wiley Education Services is here to help. To begin, explore our Virtual Instruction Resource Center. You’ll find free tutorials, articles, and courses to help equip educators with tools and insights for virtual learning.

Our support goes much further. With our technology-enabled learning solutions, you can develop quality programs with the flexibility to foster student success in the face of disruption. Discover how to redesign your recruitment and application processes, craft learning experiences that meet students at their point of need, and empower your learners during these unprecedented times and beyond.

Academic Services

Students rely on universities to maintain academic quality as they navigate these challenging times. When you partner with Wiley, we can empower your faculty and students to thrive as they transition to virtual and online instruction. Gain the support of a world-class academic services team specializing in course design, technology, and media to optimize your courses for online delivery. We can provide the following services in 60 days or less:

Faculty Enablement Training

Enable faculty to master the technologies and practices they will use in online learning. Our hands-on support equips them with the tools they need to succeed in every educational environment.

Course Development

Online learning may differ from campus-based courses, but you can still deliver engaging, outcomes-driven programs to distance learners. As you move classes online, Wiley can help you:

  • Make a swift transition: Our learning designers rely on best practices and extensive experience to develop virtual courses on an accelerated schedule. That includes the seamless optimization of your assessment, engagement, and content strategies.
  • Build next-level courses: Access the resources, infrastructure, and expertise to produce next-level courses that stand out to prospective students. We’ll help you build courses that blend the best of online and face-to-face learning. As a result, your faculty and students come together in flexible programs, enabling them to adapt to unexpected challenges and avoid disruptions to learning.

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Marketing and Brand Management

As unexpected challenges impact higher education, it’s critical to maintain the continuity of your brand. Long-term viability also depends on continuing to market your programs, albeit in ways that consider challenges that students now face. After all, a disruption to your marketing tactics and strategy now may impact brand efforts and inquiry volume far into the future.

Wiley offers more than academic support—we are also a full-service marketing agency that specializes in highly engaging student outreach. Access the marketing support you need to stabilize your recruitment and enrollment performance during the challenging days ahead. Our resources span creative, media buying, SEO, UX optimization, social media, marketing automation, affiliate outreach, and more. As your partner, we can help you build brand awareness, increase student inquiries, and tailor seamless, omnichannel marketing experiences.

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Enrollment Services

As students adapt to a new normal, they may need more support to begin a program—online or on campus. Wiley helps you remove barriers that students face to show their goals remain within reach, and that your university offers a path for achieving them.

Our enrollment team includes more than 400 professionals who engage prospective students from inquiry to program acceptance. We offer accelerated support, connecting students with answers and information soon after they send a request. We also deliver personalized guidance by asking prospective students about their goals and motivations, gleaning insights that enable us to illustrate how your programs are a great fit. From there, we can walk students through the application process, acquire transcripts and other documents, and remain in close contact to make their enrollment easier.

Gain the support of an agile enrollment team that can tailor student outreach to your specific needs. These services help solidify your student outreach and support.

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Student Retention Services

Wiley empowers students to succeed during every step of their education journey. That’s why our retention team proactively monitors student performance, reaches out when there are warning signs, and delivers resources to keep students on track. Of course, each student has unique needs. To personalize our guidance, our retention team relies on behavioral analysis tools and communicates with students using their preferred format—call, email, text, or video chat.

As your partner, Wiley’s retention team serves as your online students’ first point of contact. Through our support, we can create a virtual learning experience with the connectivity of a physical campus. Plus, our retention leaders can help streamline processes, making it easier for students to enroll in courses, navigate policies, connect with instructors and peers, and succeed on the way to graduation. Our services include performance monitoring, success coaching, degree planning, and academic advising crafted around the obstacles that students are facing during this uncertain time.

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24/7 Help Desk

As faculty and students transition to online or virtual learning, they’ll have technical questions along the way. Fortunately, our help desk team provides 24/7 support to resolve technical barriers to learning. Their expertise helps your students navigate the LMS and complete online coursework. At the same time, your faculty can focus on instruction instead of solving technology issues. We offer guidance for a range of learning platforms, including Moodle, Canvas, and Blackboard.

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We’re Here for You

Although higher education is facing tremendous challenges, its importance has not wavered. Contact us today to discuss how Wiley can empower you to continue delivering high-quality learning experiences to students.

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They check in on the students to make sure that they’re having a good experience from day one. They make sure that there is a relationship there that goes beyond the academic piece. For most students, especially online students, that’s critical.

Polly Smith, Utica College, USA

When it comes to student support services they provide a more 24/7 high-touch service than we could offer in-house.

Susan Cheng, Benedictine University, USA

I had an amazing experience collaborating with my instructional designer at Wiley. He absolutely has pushed me to be a better instructor.

Kim Weller, Queens University of Charlotte, USA

The instructional designers have been absolutely amazing…[Wiley] has been extremely helpful and very, very patient with us.

Catherine Staite, University of Birmingham, UK

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