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Our Services and Solutions Enterprise Learning Solutions

Modernizing How Companies Develop Talent

Employers that invest in workforce education can gain a competitive edge, but developing these initiatives in-house is costly and resource-intensive. Through our Enterprise Learning Solutions (ELS), Wiley Education Services offers efficient ways for organizations to strengthen employee skills through a variety of learning opportunities ranging from our specially-developed training products to industry-aligned degree programs offered by our education partners.

The ELS team collaborates with corporate partners to configure products and services that align with their talent needs and business goals. Our custom and turnkey solutions help companies close their skills gaps, build dynamic workforces, and offer education benefits to attract, develop, and retain top talent.

For our higher education partners, the ELS team bolsters student enrollment by connecting universities with motivated learners employed by corporate partners. These solutions enable educators and employers to drive toward superior outcomes together.

Our Products and Services

Education Benefits Platform

In today’s competitive labor market, employers are seeking innovative ways to reduce turnover and build the workforce they need to compete. Through the Education Benefits Platform (EBP), we help companies modernize their tuition assistance program (TAP) to attract, develop, and retain top talent.

As a total reward benefit for workforces, the EBP seamlessly integrates into a company’s talent strategy to deliver:

  • Measurable ROI as we establish TAP benchmarks for the company and refine program effectiveness through consultation and reporting
  • A stress-free solution for HR teams—we manage every aspect of the platform, including assistance with the disbursement of tuition funds
  • Guidance for every step of an employee’s educational experience, from program selection to graduation
  • Direct access to our network of universities and accelerated learning providers
  • Opportunities to expedite degree completion and turn job training into college credit, helping employees graduate on time and with the least debt possible

Partner Plus

Universities can grow enrollment by collaborating with companies to educate their workforces. Partner Plus makes connecting with potential students through corporate partners easier than ever. When universities join the Partner Plus network, they:

  • Showcase their brand and degree programs to learners employed by our corporate partners
  • Expand their reach to people throughout the nation via our Virtual Field Operations Team
  • Attract more students through our event recruitment and marketing efforts
  • Leverage pre-enrollment support that helps students find and join a program that fits their goals
  • Get the opportunity to offer cohort programs to companies seeking to educate groups of employees
  • Access workforce research and company insights to align programs with the needs of employers

Virtual Field Operations Team

Our Virtual Field Operations Team spans the U.S. and includes business development experts who foster partnerships with target organizations across many industries. When a partnership begins, we work closely with the organization to align their talent and training needs with programs in our network. Additionally, we conduct onsite and virtual events to help employees enroll in programs that align with their personal and professional goals. By taking an employer- and employee-first approach, we are able to connect high-quality, engaged learners with their ideal program, leading to world-class persistence and success rates. These efforts result in growing enrollment funnels—for many university partners, our Virtual Field Operations Team delivers as much as 40 percent of their annual new student enrollment.

Advancement Courses

Since 1988, Advancement Courses has furthered the professional development of thousands of teachers throughout the U.S. We partner with K–12 schools and districts to prepare their staff and faculty to provide academic and emotional support to students in the classroom and beyond. With 240 graduate-level courses in 19 subject areas and dozens of master’s programs that support educators, we empower school leaders to:

  • Streamline teacher training with self-paced online courses
  • Tailor our vast catalog to individual and school-wide needs
  • Facilitate the award of graduate credit from our university partners
  • Strengthen teacher morale by investing in their development
  • Attract and retain top teaching talent

The Software Guild

We help companies obtain, train, and retain skilled IT workforces through upskilling, reskilling, onboarding, and staffing solutions. Using our three-step approach for training, we collaborate with partners to:

  1. Align their talent strategy and business strategy
  2. Design custom learning solutions
  3. Deliver world-class training to their employees

Through this immersive process, we build talented IT teams that can achieve our partners’ desired business goals.

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