Together We Can Accomplish More: A Survey of Multi-Institution Consortia and System Leaders

The WICHE Cooperative for Educational Technologies’ (WCET) 2018 survey highlights how consortia and systems support their member institutions by increasing capacity for technology-enhanced courses, programs, and student support services. This report also includes insights on the current and future state of consortia and system work in the United States and Canada.

Key Issues Addressed

Key findings in the report include:

  • There has been flux (openings, closures, and transitions) in consortia system organizations, but most are strengthening.
  • There is value in increasing student outcomes and operational efficiencies, as well as jointly exploring new innovations.
  • The new services added by these organizations vary according to member needs; the most common being Open Educational Resources (OER).
  • Revenue streams are more diversified than in 2008, but are still relatively few.

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A Survey of Multi-Institution Consortia and System Leaders

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