Infographic: Top Online MBA Concentrations

Last updated on: April 3, 2020

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MBAs are some of the most competitive degrees in the online education market. To better distinguish their online MBAs, schools should consider offering concentrations. This increasingly widespread practice allows MBA students to focus on areas beneficial to their career path.

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Top Online MBA Concentrations infographic

Common Concentrations for Online MBAs

These numbers represent the percentages of MBAs offering concentrations in 2019.

AACSB-Accredited Online MBAs: 23%
All Online MBAs: 34%

AACSB-Accredited Online MBAs: 35%
All Online MBAs: 31%

AACSB-Accredited Online MBAs: 34%
All Online MBAs: 31%

AACSB-Accredited Online MBAs: 17%
All Online MBAs: 24%

AACSB-Accredited Online MBAs: 21%
All Online MBAs: 23%

International Business:
AACSB-Accredited Online MBAs: 20%
All Online MBAs: 18%

Supply Chain Management:
AACSB-Accredited Online MBAs: 17%
All Online MBAs: 12%

Business Analytics:
AACSB-Accredited Online MBAs: 18%
All Online MBAs: 10%

AACSB-Accredited Online MBAs (N=215)
All Online MBAs (N=535)

Common MBA Concentrations vs. Degree Alternatives

The number of programs offering the following concentrations has grown this year. This may suggest that MBAs with concentrations are more sought after than standard MBAs.


24% of online MBAs offer this concentration

Number of online MBAs with a concentration in healthcare:
2018: 151
2019: 184
22.9% increase

Number of online Master of Healthcare Administration programs:
2018: 82
2019: 102
24.4% increase

Healthcare occupations are expected to grow 14% between 2018 and 2028. This will result in about 1.9 million new jobs.1

An MBA with a healthcare concentration:

  • Provides learners with healthcare knowledge and a well-rounded business foundation in accounting, marketing, finance, management, and more.
  • Suits students who could see themselves pursuing a career outside of healthcare.

A Master of Healthcare Administration:

  • Focuses specifically on the healthcare industry.
  • Suits students who want in-depth knowledge to excel only in the healthcare field.


31% of online MBAs offer this concentration.

Number of online MBAs with a concentration in marketing:
2018: 143
2019: 165
15.4% increase

Number of online Master of Marketing programs:
2018: 12
2019: 13
8.3% increase

Marketing occupations are expected to grow 8% between 2018 and 2028.2

An MBA with a marketing concentration:

  • Provides learners who do not have a background in marketing a deep understanding of marketing tactics.
  • Offers skills that are transferrable to other areas, such as management and finance.

A Master of Marketing:

  • Provides recent marketing graduates or those with a background in marketing further knowledge.
  • Allows the learner to further develop specialized marketing skills, such as social media, digital marketing, analytics, and media management.


31% of online MBAs offer this concentration.

Number of online MBAs with a concentration in finance:
2018: 140
2019: 165
17.9% increase

Number of online Master of Finance programs:
2018: 39
2019: 43
10.3% increase

Financial occupations are growing faster than other professions. For example, employment of financial managers is expected to increase 16% between 2018 and 2028.3

An MBA with a finance concentration:

  • Provides learners with the skills to meet a number of business challenges with courses in marketing, management, and human resources.
  • Prepares students for many positions, including financial management and banking.

A Master of Finance:

  • Gives students advanced training in accounting practices and the structure of the financial process.
  • Prepares students for careers in venture capital, private equity, and real estate investments.

Other Top Online MBA Concentrations

24% of MBAs

MBAs with an accounting concentration usually prepare students to complete the CPA exam. Students learn how to apply accounting principles to big-picture business operations.

Human Resources/HR Management:
24% of MBAs

This general HR concentration gives students a thorough education in human resources, while also providing a foundation of business knowledge.

23% of MBAs

Many MBA programs differentiate their management concentration by industry, such as sport management, hospitality management, or information technology management.

What’s Next?

Business Analytics:
13% of MBAs

A business analytics concentration typically focuses on the application of data analytics to improve business outcomes. These valuable conclusions will help companies make informed decisions on the future of business.

AACSB-Accredited Online MBA Programs

28% of AACSB-accredited online MBAs do not offer a concentration vs. 24% of all online MBAs.

Learn More About MBA Concentrations

While online business programs offer robust opportunities for new or expanded program portfolios, ongoing changes require an understanding of market trends. Wiley Education Services can help you identify which programs will be successful for your institution. Or visit our Resources page to choose from a variety of other higher education topics.





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