Research Report: Online Learning in Continuing Higher Education

Survey Results on Current Practices and Planned Initiatives

How well are universities tailoring their online programs to the needs of learners? This report, created with the support of the Association for Continuing Higher Education (ACHE), has the answers.

Based on surveys with ACHE members and Online College Students data, this study identifies opportunities for universities to update their programs to achieve better outcomes.

What’s inside?

Driven by interviews with both higher ed professionals and online learners, this report offers insights into improving course design, student recruitment, support services, and other practices.

It covers:

  • The common gaps between program offerings and market demand
  • How universities build infrastructure to support online students
  • Ways to overcome barriers to success in online learning
  • The vital features to include when designing digital courses
  • The benefits of investing in professional development for online faculty

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Online Learning in Continuing Higher Education

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