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Program Planning Strategic Portfolio Development

Want A Greater Market Presence? Try This Program Planning Approach.

Make Your On Campus, Online, and Hybrid Programs More Nimble and Market-Centric

At many universities, the program planning process and development of new programs often starts with an evaluation of look-alike program offerings that are considered most marketable. The challenge with this path is that it can result in a sea of programmatic similarity among competing institutions.

At Wiley Education Services, we help our university partners take a market-centric approach to program planning and development, addressing gaps and opportunities in the market to build efficient, yet effective, curricula. We look at a university’s unique areas of expertise and help them scale and align resources across multiple audiences for a variety of programs, regardless of modality. Together with our partners, we build unique, resource-efficient, market relevant degree programs, specializations and micro-programs with compelling differentiation to gain a greater market presence.

An Innovative Approach to Program Planning and Development

Wiley has been a leader in global education services for more than 200 years. Our partnerships span a variety of higher education institutions and have given us in-depth insight into what works — and what doesn’t — when it comes to launching, supporting, and adapting degree programs in today’s evolving market.

Through our Strategic Portfolio Development™ (SPD) program planning approach, we offer universities a proven way to plan, develop, launch, and sustain successful programs. Using SPD, we collaborate with our institutional partners to identify the most strategic and scalable anchor programs. These degree offerings leverage the unique strengths of your institution to meet market demands.

After selecting initial anchor programs, we help you identify a series of “suites” — concentrations, certificates, and/or interdisciplinary programs — that strategically utilize courses to differentiate your programs, expand your offerings, and enhance your operational efficiency.

Strategic Portfolio Development will help you:

  1. Pinpoint educational gaps and opportunities in the market
  2. Maximize your use of resources, including faculty and marketing investment
  3. Create programs that offer graduates strong employment opportunities
  4. Plan and launch programs more quickly and efficiently
  5. Attract more students through unique, market-relevant specializations within anchor programs
  6. Build a more robust and long-lasting market presence

To learn more about Strategic Portfolio Development, you can listen to an April 2017 webinar Wiley Education Services did in partnership with WCET . In it, you'll hear how this program planning approach incorporates in-depth market research and benefits marketing activities, as well as how it has been implemented at The University of Scranton. Click here to check it out.

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