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October 2018 Monthly News Roundup

Top 5 Higher Ed News Roundup

Recap of October 2018

You’re busy and the higher education news cycle moves fast. That's why we've curated the top stories, articles, and reports from October 2018 to keep you up-to-date. See some of the news you may have missed with our monthly recap.

This month's top news stories include:

  1. Online Programs in Continuing Higher Ed Struggle to Retain Students, Find Faculty

According to a new report from Learning House and the Association for Continuing Higher Education (ACHE), there is a “mismatch” between online programs offered by colleges and universities and student preferences. These kinds of disconnects result in “mass-market opportunities that are being lost” by schools. Read the report here.

  1. Majors that Matter: Ensuring College Graduates Avoid Underemployment

This new report by labor analytics firm Burning Glass Technologies shows that choice of major is a crucial factor in whether or not a college graduate is underemployed. Interestingly, the report findings show that graduates of some of the more vocationally geared majors—like fitness studies, criminal justice, and business—can be less likely than English or gender studies majors to land a job that requires a college degree. Read the new report here.

  1. Prices Level Off -- for Now

New annual data from the College Board shows that college tuition and fees have moderated since the recession, with public college prices dropping slightly this year. But they may rise again soon. Read the article here.

  1. Inside Higher Ed’s 2018 Survey of Faculty Attitudes on Technology

The proportion of college instructors who are teaching online and blended courses is growing, as is their support for using technology to deliver instruction. However, according to recent findings highlighted in this survey, faculty believe the quality and effectiveness of online courses and digital technology isn’t keeping pace. Read the survey here.

  1. At a Growing Number of Colleges, Faculty Get a New Role: Spotting Troubled Students

Due to increasing financial and enrollment challenges, a growing number of institutions are pushing faculty to do something that largely hasn’t been officially expected of them before: help head off problems that can derail students. Read the article here.

That’s the top news from October. Check back each month for the latest in higher education. In the meantime, please visit our Resources page for in-depth conversations around top higher education topics, or sign up for our quarterly eNewsletter to receive exclusive articles, white papers, and reports directly in your inbox.



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