Spotlight On: Loralee Dyers, Senior Analyst

Last updated on: December 15, 2020

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The ultimate quest of finding “good data” has not stopped for Loralee Dyers—not after she discovered the power that data holds while working as a trial consultant (think the TV series Bull). Loralee found her way into the legal field with hopes of becoming an FBI profiler (think Criminal Minds) but was captivated by the incredible storytelling capabilities of data she discovered along the way. “We would create test juries and would do big surveys asking them questions about the case or their opinions. That’s really where I found myself liking the ability to tell a story with data.”

While the pursuit of data was not the original plan, Loralee knew that her educational journey was far from over. Her thirst for learning continued after graduating with her bachelor’s in psychology and master’s in forensic psychology. Dyers completed a certificate in data analytics at Cornell University and is currently enrolled in a mini MBA program at Rutgers University. She is also enrolled in the master’s program in data science at Utica College, thanks to her earning the Wiley Tuition Scholarship.

Loralee appreciates the variety of her day-to-day work. “There is no average or typical day. Our team gets 300 or more research requests a year and no research is the same. I really enjoy being able to take general data and customize it for our specific partners.”

Recently, the team has been conducting more survey work to help grow Wiley’s partners. “We think about how we can utilize and leverage the people we talk to every day—the students, the faculty, and the administrators. We gain more insights into how we can support them on their journey.”

So, what does Loralee enjoy most about working at Wiley Education Services? “The first thing is the people. Everyone here is so welcoming and open minded and accepting. Second is flexibility and the trust that Wiley has in us. And finally, one of our core values really speaks to me, and that is to operate like an owner. We are encouraged to have new ideas and try new things. People are recognized for their work and I think that is so important.”

Outside of Wiley, Loralee spends time with her husband and two sons at her happy place, her home in Chicago. The Dyers family regularly attends local comic book conventions together and has even hosted their very own Comic Con at home. When they’re not celebrating their shared love of comics, the family of four can be found outdoors where they enjoy fishing and going on nature hikes.

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