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AASCU 2020 Winter Meeting Featured Session

Product Differentiation in a Crowded Online Market: A Consumer Approach to Marketing, Enrollment, & Course Design

Concurrent Session | AASCU 2020 Academic Affairs Winter Meeting
Friday, February 7, 2020 – 3:10 - 4:00 pm, Poydras Room


Cory Berntson, Senior Director of New Partnerships, Wiley Education Services
Corey Miller, Senior Director of Consumer Insights & Innovation, Wiley Education Services
Bill Cochran, Associate Director of Instructional Media, Wiley Education Services

Brief Abstract

There are over 29,000 fully online degrees in the U.S., making program differentiation a challenge for institutions. How are you attracting, enrolling and retaining students to set your institution apart? This presentation will discuss how Wiley Education Services helps its strategic partners think differently and continue to drive enrollment growth.

Session Description

As the domestic online degree market continues to expand and institutions compete for enrollments, institutions are increasingly finding it challenging to attract, enroll, and retain students. In such a competitive space, many institutions find it economically challenging to compete and often lack the financial and technological resources to go to market in a way that will allow them to achieve and maintain meaningful enrollment growth.

Wiley Education Services is helping its strategic partners grow enrollments for both undergraduate and graduate programs through four key drivers which will be explored in this presentation. This presentation will also explore how to develop world-class learning experiences that are designed for today’s consumer who researches, buys, and maintains relationships in a digital, mobile-friendly way.

In this presentation, we will showcase how we help our partners achieve success through:

  1. Fortune 500 eCommerce marketing strategies: with a retail-like marketing technology stack and data-led digital strategy, we are helping institutions better understand what their ideal candidates look like, where to target them, and what to message to use at the right time. Tools like multi-touch attribution and dynamic advertising frameworks allow us to better connect and communicate with potential students during their research journey to drive enrollment growth and generate better ROI on marketing budgets.
  2. An omni-channel experience throughout a student’s journey that embraces the digital, mobile-friendly experience that consumers prefer and have come to expect from the marketplace. Even if it’s a quick text message to an institution, an admissions advisor should be there to respond.
  3. A seasoned team of course design professionals who bring experience, tools, and resources to faculty to both maintain quality learning and bring to life what it means to be a student on-campus. With the right technology and resources, we can create unique digital learning experiences that transform what it means to take an online course, all while maintaining an institution’s pedagogical philosophy.

Taking a learner-centric approach to enrollment and course design can be challenging without the data to support it. Before the session, download the Survey of Graduate Students to better understand prospective learners’ motivations, behaviors, and expectations. For more information on trends and innovations in higher education, visit our Resources page.

We look forward to seeing you in New Orleans!

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