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Behavioral Analytics Help Map Student Journeys and Improve Retention

Behavioral Analytics Help Map Student Journeys and Improve Retention

How do you know if phone calls with prospective students are having an impact on student enrollment and retention? One innovative approach to gaining these insights is through the use of the Behavioral Analytics (BA) platform. BA analyzes linguistic patterns and speech behavior to reveal key measures of success and persistence in a program. Over time, the technology provides a way to customize communication styles and interactions to better engage prospective students throughout their journey.

Consider the following functions of Behavioral Analytics and how it can help improve student experiences, thereby increasing student enrollment and retention rates:

Identifies personality types

Through analysis of linguistic patterns, prospective students are divided into six personality types. This allows recruitment team members to ask more personalized questions, determine the optimum times for various types of engagement, and provide responses that resonate with the student.

Shows effectiveness of phone contacts

After phone calls, recruitment teams receive reports and visual feedback that quantify the interactions and prospective student behaviors that took place. These reports provide visual feedback around how the conversation went, showing instances of student distress, engagement, custom responses, referrals, and education value time. This information allows recruitment teams to create marketing buckets and personalize their future interactions with students.

Identifies those most likely to apply:

Based on information gathered during the calls, including the prospective student’s GPA, the prospect is assigned a likelihood-to-apply score. Recruitment teams can then use this score to help better understand the level of intent a prospective student has and where they are in the consumer funnel in order to prioritize resources

Since implementing Behavioral Analytics, Wiley Education Services has increased the conversion rate from the first conversation to the application by 30 to 40 percent for its university partners. Read the full article from Enrollment Management Report here to learn more.

For more enrollment tips and strategies, visit our Resources page.

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