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Our Mission and Vision Supporting Partner Success

A Partnership for the Future

Our mission is simple, but critical: to help our partners achieve success and further their mission in an increasingly competitive and dynamic market.

We do not seek to be a vendor. Instead, we offer a proven, strategic institutional partnership unlike any other in the industry. Our services and capabilities were born out of the business model known as Online Program Management (OPM), which remains available to our partners as part of our Solutions Architecture™ approach – a framework designed to address today’s higher education needs on a global scale – whether on campus, online, or hybrid. We evolved beyond OPM to provide more flexibility in the services we provide to our partners.

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First and foremost, Wiley Education Services is a learning business. We work with Universities to help them succeed. We do that through helping them put programs online, helping them achieve blended learning programs and we help them with other custom innovations like MOOCs and cooperate partnership initiatives. In Academic Services we have a great breadth and depth of expertise in online learning and in online teaching. That expertise and those capabilities were a result of an acquisition we made of Deltak, which is one of the leading providers of online educational partnerships. For over 200 years Wiley has been a recognized leader in research and education. Innovation is core to our DNA in all areas of our service we are constantly seeking how to infuse the latest technology into each area of the service offering. To enable our partners and students to achieve success. What Wiley brings to the table is additional marketing, better support for their students, better support from our faculty, and a team that is able to take their vision and make it real. When that happens that’s where the magic happens. When you’re really engaged in a partnership and we can roll up our sleeves and solve the problems together. If you want to drive your program, you want to work with a partner like Wiley.

Our Solutions Architecture™ approach is not one-size-fits-all. We collaborate with our partners to develop this flexible framework, which includes any combination of our services, technologies, research, and business models. We ensure it reflects their unique mission and helps to propel it forward.

The result? Excellence in the programs we support, access to new markets, improved institutional performance, and exceptional on-campus, online, and hybrid learning experiences for both students and faculty. Together with our partners, we can transform learning by ensuring students have access to the knowledge they need to make significant contributions to the world.

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